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How Do I Get Started?

To get started, select your desired campaign type from the "Customizable Products" menu. From there you can select the in home dates and designs of the campaign you choose. If you are not very computer savvy just give us a call and we can get you setup.

Is this site affiliated with CenturyLink Corporate?

No, we are an independent marketing company that specializes in creating marketing portals for companies like CenturyLink to help their dealers have better access to professional and affordable marketing. We work closely with CentruyLink to ensure all of the marketing tactics provided meet their brand guidelines.

Are the marketing tactics in this site approved by CenturyLink?

Yes! All of the marketing tactics listed on the site have already been submitted and approved by CenturyLink.

Does CenturyLink provide Co-op for marketing?

No, Currently there is no Co-op program for CenturyLink

Is this marketing portal limited to the products listed on this site?

No, the marketing materials provided on this site are tactics that have been approved by CenturyLink but we can create and produce any marketing materials you may need to promote CenturyLink and we will work with them to get them approved to use.